A Friendship I Failed

This week's Fiction Friday prompt is to write a story using text messages or any form of message that is short and often cryptic. I've never been into text messages, but recently I've got hooked on the idea of writing 6 word stories or 6 word summaries of my day, so I've decided to use this form. I hope it's short and cryptic enough to qualify.

Damian where? So much joy. Over.
Unsure at first. Warmed quickly. Miracle.
Days together. So happy. Wonderful memories.
Why? Stupidity. Bewilderment. How could I?
Now? Repair. Tried, failed, rejected again.
Where? Get in touch. Forgive. Please!


Paul, what a great take on a difficult prompt. I think I may have a go at this. I particularly liked the last one.

In the meantime my effort is on my site.

29 February 2008 at 11:03  

I think its so much harder to convey the essence of your meaning in limited words - thus they need to be exquisitely chosen. Well done.

29 February 2008 at 12:42  

I like the concept of 6 word stories too, though I'm not certain I would be able to pull it off. This was nicely. I'm curious about the name you chose. This doesn't happen to be someone you've encountered on-line is it?

29 February 2008 at 16:21  

Just to clear things up. I chose the name because it happens to be the one given to me when I had my confirmation. It does not refer to anyone specific. Although the person behind the name is real enough. But only I know about that.

29 February 2008 at 16:45  

I love the power of tried, failed, rejected again. Well chosen.

1 March 2008 at 05:55  

Economy of language is not something I'm very good at, which is why I shy away from poetry, and probably why I found this to be a really difficult prompt this week.

My wife thinks it reads like a telegram - now that would have been a good idea, I wish I'd thought of it!

Good take on the prompt, cryptic enough to make us wonder, but not so cryptic that it leaves us confused.

I find it very interesting that you were given, rather than chose, your confirmation name!

Paul/Callistus - to give my confirmation name!

1 March 2008 at 10:29  

I've just started experimenting with 6 word memoirs, so I took great delight in reading yours. I especially saw stories in the last three.

5 March 2008 at 21:54  

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