Mr. & Mrs. Frederick Danvers were today sentenced to a three month prison sentenced suspended for two years, for credit card default following a a two day trip toCourton Downs last week. In just two days the couple bought clothes and luxury items valued over £ 3 000 in a spending spree which included a ten course meal with Champagne at the Cartwheel restaurant and a suite for the night at the luxury George Hotel. This, despite being fully aware that there were insufficient funds in their account to cover the expenses.

When questioned about the motives for their act, Mr. and Mrs. Danvers weariness of months of skimping on essentials in an attempt to lift themselves out of debt, and their desire to have one last fling before going down. Sentencing the couple Judge Ronald Harrison ordered the couple attend counselling sessions as a condition of probation.


"Hi dear, how was your day? Glad to hear it. Mine. Oh, it was more or less as usual. We did have a very strange couple in this afternoon. Looked all posh, they did. And talked it too. But there was something not quite right about them. Still, they spent a fortune, so they can't have been all that bad. And paid by credit card too. Just when I thought they were going to pull out a check. Made my day, it did. It's the first time my sales' figures have even topped Sally's. She'll be green with envy tomorrow. Mind you, I'm glad you don't throw your money round like that. They didn't seem to care in the least."

Mrs. Danvers

What a perfectly lovely day. It did me so good to really let myself go and buy whatever I wanted; to have all those people fussing over me I think I can go back to skimping and scrounging again after that. It was just what I needed. I'm so lucky to have a fine upstanding man like Frederick to see to my every need. Well, I guess I'd better stop here, cause Frederick will be waiting for me to attend to a few of his needs. I wish, we didn't have to do this every time. But after all he's done for me, I can't let him go without.

Mr Danvers

On the move again. When will this stop, this infernal circle. Debt, skimp, binge and run. I'd better be getting down to the train station before the cards start bouncing sky high again. I reckon the police will have cottoned on by tomorrow morning, so it'll have to be a quickie tonight, and then off to the railway station before anyone knows any better.


"Well, look at that couple there, aren't they wonderful."

"What, you mean Mr. & Mrs. Danvers? Don't get caught up by them, Elsie. All that glitters is not gold, and if you ask me, them's more glitter than whatever's in their bank."

"But don't you think they look so wonderful together. Real in love, like. An he's so handsome."

Well, that's as maybe, but I wonder if she'll still be looking into his eyes like that through prison barriers, cause that's where they're going to end up one day, mark my words."


Mr. & Mrs Danvers are suffering from Acute Spending Syndrome (ASS) and in my opinion their condition will require specialist treatment before any progress is made. It is a recurrent feature of ASS that the sufferer will fight for weeks and even months to lift himself out of debt and the moment he has succeeded in this mammoth task, will immediately go on a spending spree, plunging himself once more into a vicious circle of misery and debt. Mr. & Mrs. Danvers present all the typical signs of the disease and it any therapy will probably require a period of at least 6-12 months.


So Danvers has done this before. With a different wife, perhaps?

11 April 2008 at 17:03  

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