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Today's Friday Fiction prompt tells me to write down random thoughts as quick as I can and without rereading. I don't know how good this is. I'm sure there are lots of mistakes and I didn't really get around to writing automatically. Maybe because I was typing this, and that slows me down automatically. So here goes...

I'm thinking abuot the kind of protagonist I want to create for my new sotry. And the more I think, the more I worry because he's the kind of person that I sometimes am, with all the thoughts and warts. Strange, but the moment I conceived this idea for the story - it's one I'm preparing for the distance short sotry writing course I'm doing - then I knew it had to be this kind of character. His main default is that he never succeeds in acting on time. Why does this particular kind of character appeal to me so much; more so because I'm often like this myself, and I get terribly upset about it, promising myself I'll be different next time. Yet, I never or very rarely am. But it never even seems to matter, so maybe I shouldn't worry about it at all. The one big project I took on this year came off a treat despite the fact that I was often pushed into action by alqst minute extremeisem i.e. if I didn't do it now then everything would fall apart. So this is the kidn of caharcter I want to creat for the story, and it will prove to be his downfall. But what about all those secondary things that are needed to round him out. Wghat will he look like? His interests; his peculiarities. And the thousand and one other fantzastice elememnts that go to make up a real person. A real person? Is that what I want to create? Let him at least be believable.


i love this - straight off the cuff, warts and all!

4 July 2008 at 10:37  

Don't change a thing...you may be onto something that will keep people reading!!!


7 July 2008 at 02:45  

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