Verbal Snapshots


Radiant in her beauty, the fury of her red hair dazzling all and sundry.
Thankful for the tears that served so well in bringing us together,
despite my guilt at having been the cause of them.


Thankful for this man, so tall and handsome, a knight in shining armour.
The fury of his green eyes a fitting match to the shock of my red hair.
A gilt-edged jewel in a case so frail.


So thankful for so many friends despite the fury of the storm that blew the evening before. And if you didn't make it, there's no need to show any guilt whatsoever. We understand.


So many of them. Each one a reason to be thankful... for the present, of course, but also for you the wonderful giver. You really do make us feel guilty. If only fury could be used to describe a positive emotion, I would say we're furious at you all.


A celebrity at our wedding. I hadn't a clue who she was. Simon didn't even care. Although I did sense a sense of thankfulness that she'd not forgotten him. And was that look in your eye one of regret. Beware, celebrity or no celebrity, if you try anything with my husband, it'll be my scorn you'll have to reckon with. And I won't show the least sign of guilt.


Music galore; the fury of the chase.
Thankful for our varied traditions.
And why is Anna casting guilty glances behind the double base?


It's like witnessing the action from separate viewpoints. I like when writers take a chance like that. Everyone has their own viewpoint, and you've captured this very well.

26 November 2008 at 13:19  

This reminds me of watching a tennis match. The ball flings to and fro while the crowd wonders who will win the match eventually! Very cleverly expressed!

27 November 2008 at 10:31  

paul excellent format... finally....!!!!... love the color scheme of red hair, green eyes that you have placed throughout the chapters...

30 November 2008 at 23:18  

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