Judging by the way Amy moved about in the back, the car must have been hit by a whole army of ants. She was on her way to Grandma Davids and her mother would be leaving her there for a whole week. What's more Grandma had promised to take her to McDonalds. Mum never took her there. She even wore great big badges which read 'Close McDonalds!' and she never ate meat. She'd heard Mum complaining to Grandma one day about their ... some big word... espcapades but didn't really understand why.

Amy had longed to go to McDonalds ever since Marita's birthday party. Marita was her Mum's best friend and they often went out together. But on her birthday it was Amy and not Mum who was invited. Marita had made a scrumptous ice-cream cake and Amy had eaten three whole pieces. And on top was one of the most funny looking figures Amy had ever seen. A big round head weighed heavily upon a small body. The ears were red, the nose was green and the chubby, little hands looked as if they were going to grab your spoon and hurry off before you could get up off your seat.

'Amy, meet Clubby!'

Amy seemed puzzled. There was no else in the room but Amy and Marita.

'Clubby, look there, on top of the cake.'

Both girls laughed.

'Clubby is my most favourite friend. But come and look, I'll show you the others.'

Amy's eyes watched in amazement as hundreds of little figures stared out of Marita's desk at her. Each one looked straight at Amy and they all bore a smile.

'But where are they all from?'

Marita picked up a tall, thin-faced little... well it looked like a boy but Amy wasn't sure.

'This one I got when I went skiing with my dad for the first time. It was bitterly cold, that's why he looks a little off-peak. And this one was from our very first holidays in Spain. We had to wait a long time at the airport, so Mum and Dad treated me to a Big Mac. I often take him out to talk to when I'm alone in the evening. But it's Clubby I like most. That was the very first time I went to McDonalds.

'I know that song too. We used to sing it in nursery. But why don't they give animals instead of such funny looking people?'

And that was the first time Amy heard about Big Macs and Cheeseburgers, Happy Meals and the little figures they gave to all the children with every meal. And to cap it all, Marita even let her choose one of those precious figures, so she could start collecting too.


I used to have a few of those! What a trip back in the way back machine for me!

How nice to see friends sharing, too.

Nice work.

16 January 2009 at 13:29  

and here I waws expecting something far more sinister... well - McDonalds is pretty terrifying at the best of times I guess. nice little story - good pace.

17 January 2009 at 15:09  

I was dragged to McD's quite recently - an experience I care not to repeat!!

17 January 2009 at 20:38  

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