Shelley undid her top two buttons before returning to serve the coffee. It had been almost two weeks since she had last spent the night with someone but she . The guy in L/24 was more than good-looking. Power and strength oozed from him. Moreover he'd had given the once over each time she'd passed up the aisle. He was the kind who'd give a girl a wonderful night before disappearing discretely into the landscape. He was probably married but that never bothered Shelley.

Fortunately, he was in the middle seat. She would have to bend over to serve him, affording ample opportunity to display her talents. She saw his eyes look her up and down as she approached, then lower as she bent over to serve him. She smiled; he reciprocated. When she came again to collect the cups, she'd make body contact. Then, trumps.

Janice knew she was losing her husband. Not that she cared that much. The romance had gone out of their life long ago. All he represented for her now, was some kind of security which she was determined to keep hold of. She scribbled a few words on the back of the immigration card, printing them and using her left hand so no one would discover their origin. The stewardess came down the aisle to collect the cups. Her first two buttons were still undone. Michael would appreciate that. As she bent over, Janice slipped the card onto the trolley and leant back closing her eyes. That would give the little hussy something to think about.

After this everything remained remarkably calm. But the stewardess didn't show up again. Instead, three new stewards arrived, as if out of thin air. Janice was sure, they were some kind of security guards. The pilot's voice came over the air.

'Ladies and gentleman, due to unforeseen circumstances, we are being diverted to a small airport on the outskirts of London.' A groan went up from the waiting passengers, from all except Janice. Her subterfuge had worked. 'When we arrive, I would ask you all to use the emergency exits, women and children first please.'

Janice had been so preoccupied with the stewards, it was only now she realised that Michael was the only male within ten or so rows of where they were sitting. So that was their plan, they wanted to isolate him. Then once they got him alone, they'd lead him off. But they'd find nothing, and Michael would return to her, tail between his legs.


snigger - serves him right....

27 February 2009 at 16:02  

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