What Have I Forgotten?

The moment I got home, I knew we were going to have to rush. Jan's expression said everything. I tried to fish for little pieces of information but Jan wasn't forthcoming. She knew I'd forgotten, and wasn't going to help me remember until I actually came clean and admitted; something I was not definitely not willing to do.

I glanced at Jan. She was looking great in her little schoolgirl outfit with a the long skirt she had bought the previous week. That was clue enough. Dance hall or Cabaret. I threw on my beige slacks and a sports jacket and decided in favour of the former, hoping beyond hope I might just be right. It wasn't until we got back home hours later that Jan pulled the fishnet mask out of her bag and put it on. Throwing her arms around my neck she whispered gently into my ear how grateful little mermaids can be. As we sank onto the bed, my boss' Halloween party flashed into my mind. That was Jan's mermaid costume. My boss would... but Jan's gratitude was beginning to have visible effects so the boss' party was soon forgotten.


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