A Wife's Farewell

Prompt: A woman makes a New Year’s Resolution to make her husband/boyfriend break his resolution within a week. What’s the resolution, and why does she want him to break it?

I suppose you could call it a battle of wills. It's not that I've anything against Fiction Friday as such. And at least writing keeps my husband away from the pub. But when I get home from work on a Friday, then I like to be pampered a little. The last thing I want, is to have to play Rocking All Over The World or something similar, and do a wild strip-tease just to get my husband to look up from the computer and say, "Hello darling". No, I want him to welcome me home with a nice, sweet cup of tea and a chocolate eclair he bought especially for me on his way home from work. After that, a nice slow massage whilst he's running my bath and once I'm done... well, now it's his turn to do the strip-tease. That's what life used to be like until you guys poked your nose in. For the last three weeks when I get home from work, he's been busy writing. Wants to be author..., make a fortune tax-free..., have people come up to him in the streets and say, "Will you sign my copy please?" And all because you guys persuaded him that what he writes, shows promise. Well, maybe it does. I can't be judge of that. But it's ruining my Friday evening. And now he's resolved to participate every Friday for the rest of the year. "Every artist needs to practise, dear." What a load of...!

Well, I've had enough of it. And as desperate situations call for desperate measures, I've had an expert round to fix our computer up with a new password. I can imagine him at home right now, trying to work out what's gone wrong. He's like that. Teaches mechanical engineering but can't change a plug. And when it comes to the computer... Mind you, I'm no better. That's the beauty of it. It will never occur to him that I changed the password.

Anyway, I just wanted to let you know why you won't be hearing from him any more. And who knows, if ever you become Fiction Thursday, then maybe, I'll let him in on the new password. You see Thursday is my evening out.


I'm afraid you've not seen the last of me yet. I saw my wife's post on the computer at work. And it just so happens, that the computer specialist is a drinking buddy. But I've got the message. I'll just have to try and get my piece finished on Thursday.

Hope you can accept this feeble excuse for my late posting this week.

10 January 2010 at 18:24  

you're so thoughtful, even thinking about finishing it on Thursday. I hope she doesn't get too mad this friday. Ask her to join fiction friday, she's amusing... :>

12 January 2010 at 09:16  

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