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Message is this week's Sunday Scribblings topic. So, I've chosen three true examples of politicians, whom it seems, just didn't get the message.

The government spokesman put on his best smile. It had been a disastrous night for his party. Now to put on a brave face and bluff his way through. "Well, you see Jonathan, our main problem is not that the public do not like our policies. On the contrary, they do. Thousands are telling us so on doorsteps, up and down the country. It seems to me that the public just doesn't understand the message we're trying to get across.

* * * * *

The French President was visibly annoyed. Should years of negotiations, setbacks, breakthroughs all come to nothing now, at the last hurdle. As France currently held the presidency of the European Union, it fell on him to save the day. He stepped up to the microphone. "People of Ireland, I am calling on you to hold a referendum. The future of Europe is at stake. We need a clear mandate from each member country and we need you to state clearly what you want."

"But we don't need a new referendum. We had one yesterday. We said what we want. We said NO!"

"You don't seem to understand. We have to hear you speak," replied the exasperated French president.

* * * * *

Every single President and world leader present knew what was at stake. This was not the time for words. The public wanted action, so action they would get. Copenhagen would be the last chance. That was why the final declaration was so unequivocal. "We recognise the need for action before it's too late. We also recognise the importance of working together to overcome this problem which threatens our planet. So we have signed an agreement that we will keep meeting and keep talking in order to find a common way forward in this matter. On this we are all agreed."


I think sometimes a tired argument that keeps getting rejected for its flaws needs to be re-examined. It's easy to blame the other parties for not "getting the message" when the truth is: the do get the message. Maybe they just don't agree with it.

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ok i m tongue tied!


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