Divine Providence

Only an x-ray machine could have detected the flutter in Maggie's heart as she walked into the bar. She had visited the quaint café the day before and put together her game plan. She walked with a firm step and went straight to the table she had picked out. It afforded her a full view of the entrance while affording her a little obscurity until anyone was well into the café. It was ideal for her purpose. Should she not like what she saw, she could beat a hasty retreat before being seen.

The waiter came and she politely declined explaining she was waiting for a friend. A friend! How strange that sounded. All she knew of him was his name. Ever since Dave's untimely accident, she had not been on a single date. Even her being here now was only a result of Sally's cajoling.

Maggie looked at her watch. Still twenty minutes to go. She wasn't usually punctual, but today she wanted to leave nothing to chance. She examined her surroundings with a critical eye. Well, at least the guy has some taste, she thought. That also explained the constant coming and going. It was obviously a popular place. Fortunately, most of the clients were either couples, or groups come for their lunch break from nearby the offices. There were one or two other unaccompanied ladies, but no single men.

Another glance at her watch and she started to examine the entrance with greater interest. He arrived just a few minutes later. Maggie knew instinctively it was him. He entered the cafe, looked round, hesitated then walked up to her table. Maggie stood up and stretched out her hand.

'You must be...'

'Yes, that's right. Oh, I'm glad you found me. I've been having nightmares for hours. And now it's all gone so smoothly.'

'What would you like to drink?'

It was Maggie who did most of the talking to begin. This surprised her. From Sally's description she certainly hadn'been expecting anyone quite so shy. But once they were over the initial formalities he began to warm to the occasion and Maggie soon discovered a most charming and engaging companion. If it was time to begin to get out again, this guy would be her dream partner. He wasn't what you'd call stunning but he had that certain something that made Maggie happpy and at ease. He listened attentively and always had the right remark when the conversation seemed to be flagging.

Out of the corner of her eye Maggie noticed another man enter the café and look round. How glad she was that this wasn't the date Sally had lined up for her. The man went up to another young lady and introduced himself. But getting only a stony stare in reply, he turned and fled in minutes. Things were so different with Stephen. She began to dream and was taken by surprise when he suggested they go for a walk down by the riverbank.

'Certainly, Stephen, I'd love that.'

'Stephen?' he frowned.


didn't expect the ending but I like that, wonder what she will do next

24 January 2009 at 00:54  

Oh the poor guy in the background - confused and bewildered at his rejection....
great story.... I wonder who this guy was 'supposed' to meet?

24 January 2009 at 04:46  

Oh, no! *winks*

24 January 2009 at 06:29  

What a lovely story - that ending was simply perfect! Brilliant.

24 January 2009 at 23:16  

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