Luap just couldn't understand the craze. True, the pitch the magazine gave it was perfect. Glamour models galore; champagne glasses you could hear pinging away - it all served to accentuate the message that there was just one way to live - the Daydream way.

"But why shouldn't we try it out. Everyone else is?"



"Precisely what?"

"Precisely what you said. Everyone else is trying it out, so why should we?"

"Because I want more from my holding than old slides of us sitting in the back of the Rolls watching exclusive landscapes flying by. I want something different."

"Do something different! Just not with these geezers. They're the most obvious rip-off in the book. Just look at that bye-line. Daydream Holidays - hobbing eye to eye with the knobs. I tell you, it's disgusting. Next time, they'll want us to invite people from off the street. No, if you want to invite a bunch of plebs to holiday in our castle for a week, you're welcome. But I'm out. See you when I get back."


Interesting mini drama! Great anti-propaganda skit with a hint of lashing at pretentious illusions/delusions!

5 August 2009 at 12:52  

You have me intrigued to know more...

5 August 2009 at 15:56  

LOVED the phrase "hobbing eye to eye with the knobs"! Very well-written!

5 August 2009 at 15:58  

It the glossiest of lies- the sales pitch in the magazine. It is never as promised.

I agree, something different would be better.

Happy 3WW!

5 August 2009 at 16:23  

Great writing...wanna know more now lol.

6 August 2009 at 11:20  

hob-knobbing with the plebians, sure wouldn't want to do that!

6 August 2009 at 23:50  

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