A Promising Start

From the way Simon put the book down his disappointment was obvious. From the moment the Mayor hid the pistol in his drawer he was hooked. He raced through its pages, not stopping even for lunch. Arriving at the beginning of the final chapter, he felt like the pilgrim looking over the valley into Mecca. Just a few more minutes and all would be revealed.

In the end nothing was revealed. All those devices scattered about the novel to heighten the tension merely led up proverbial garden paths. Second guessing the author had been pointless.

Eve looked up at him with a frown. The answer came before she had even formulated the question.

"That's the last time I'll read anything by that guy. Why, even I could have done better."

"Why don't you then?" her smile taunting him.

"Why... What... You mean me, write a book. Why you've got to be kidding."

"Not at all." She hesitated before continuing, aware that she was leading him into a minefield. "You know how Dad has always been taunting you about not achieving anything. Why not join him at his own game and prove him wrong. If you really think, you can do better..."

"Why, I'll begin by writing down all the mistakes the author has made. That'll give me something to start on. I'll carry on from there."

Eve gave a little wry smile. She knew how easy it was to get Simon going on something. The real problem was to keep him going. She had no doubt in his ability. If he did get to write his novel, it would outsell those of her father. Now that would be something to look forward to!


i like your take :)

i hope you like mine

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