Twenty-two Years On

Sorry that this scribbling is somewhat late this week. I was away over the weekend. This post is inspired by a walk my wife and I took on Saturday afternoon among the vineyards of the Neckar valley near her home. As we rounded a bend we could see two people picknicking in front of us on an inacesible plateau (at least, only acessible from the bottom of the valley by climbing up). On our way back we heard that wonderful old hit by the Seekers "Another You." These two things got my imagination to work with the following result... And when you've finished, you can check out on other Scribblers decisions here.


Jonathan helped Anna up over the ridge. She climbed to her feet and they embraced, each lost in thoughts of twenty-two years ago and their first visit to this very special place. They looked out into the valley which spread itself before them. The Neckar river as its snaked its way through the gorge; the benevolent mediaeval castle taking pride of place opposite them; the flourishing, ripe vineyards laden with temptation. They were lost in their own little kingdom; a plateau measuring a meagre 5x6 metres, just a few steps away from the rest of the world, yet only accessible by a 25 metre climb up the steep cliffside.

It was the first time they had revisited the spot in twenty-two years. That day Jonathan had climbed the face, hauled up their hamper and returned to help Anna. It was only her third ever climb. Today, not only had she climbed alone, but for the first time ever, actually beat Jonathan to the top. They spread their picnic out before them, each one reliving that special day when they had first made the climb. Jonathan's hand even found its way into his pocket and he was almost surprised to find it empty. The small box he had carried in it had long since diappeared but its contents were visible to all - tangible evidence of the irrevocable decision they had made that wondrous day so long ago. As Anna busied herself spreading out the feast she had lovingly prepared, he opened the box and the moment he caught her eye, blurted out:
"I would like to..."
"So would I!" burst out Anna before he could say another word, as if afraid that any delay might break the magic of the moment.

Now, twenty-two years, two grown-up children and numerous arguments later, had they ever regretted that decision? Jonathan knew he'd not been easy to deal with. And there were times when Anna seemed so exasperating. But he knew there could be no one else.
"I want to..." he said fixing her with his gaze.
Without reply she reached her arms around him and brought her lips to his mouth.


that's so sweet! It's been 15 years of sweet marriage bliss (hahaha) and I hope we get many more!

7 August 2007 at 14:05  

This is so beautiful..

I like your blog layout very much.

7 August 2007 at 19:24  

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